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Luxe Stick Pin by Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry

This is a place to showcase ready to ship jewelry created with a sudden burst of inspiration. Personalized custom requests are more than welcome at this time.

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Each Bead and Finding for Every Product Carefully Chosen 


Botswana agate, black onyx, red agate, black agate, carnelian, turquoise, and coral to make earrings, necklaces, and adjustable plus size bracelets in sterling silver. Czech glass pearls and faceted fire-polished beads (lead free) also included in most designs. 

Pearls, jasper, carnelian, dolomite (mountain jade), coral, onyx , turquoise, Botswana agate; have similar benefits. These stones are well grounded to the Earth and have been known to help nurture positive thoughts and behavior, for example, calmness, kindness, self-awareness and improvement, emotional balance and stability. 

A great amount of effort has been made to capture the details of every product so that you can see what you're buying.  Supplies were purchased from reputable wholesalers located here in the United States. 



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To make natural gemstones into beads for commercial use, gemstones are treated to enhance the strength, color or clarity of the stone. Heating and dye, for example, is commonly used to improve the color or clarity of gemstones.

The jewelry designs  you see here have been designed for every day and all occasion wear , more and more career professionals have taken fancy to the jewelry pieces offered here. The selection of jewelry items offered here have been found to be "practical" and "versatile", "simple but elegant", "captivating", "well constructed" with a "crafty edge" -- from adoring moms and career professionals.

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