A Traditional Path

A Traditional Path


Traditional gemstone jewelry

When we said yes we are going to do this - we are going to sell jewelry - we decided to stick to traditional gemstones. What do we mean by traditional gemstones? The gemstones of the chalcedony category, as they once were.


When you hear the name chalcedony you probably think of one specific type of stone called by the name chalcedony; a bluish or sea green color. The faceted teardrop shape is often used in making single drop earrings.


Well chalcedony is actually a stone that contains quartz. We chose carnelian, onyx, jasper, and types of agate like red agate, Botswana agate and banded or striped agate. We added turquoise, pearl and coral. These types of gemstones are dated back centuries and had great spiritual value in various cultures and religions. 

Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry Zipper Pulls

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Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry Bracelets

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