Women's History Month

Women's History Month


Women's History Month - Courage

One thing that all women have in common, is courage-every woman of past and present.

We have the courage to love unconditionally no matter color or creed, man , woman, or child-we give our all.

We uphold our religious laws (whatever they maybe) with sanctity and pride.

We stand firm when the pressure builds high and say enough is enough when the oppressor presses.

We withstand aches and pains, blood, sweat and tears, to give birth and nuture our families without expecting much in return.

We smile through heart ache to ensure joy and happiness of others.

We are daughters, companions through life, mothers, sisters, teachers, and friends. We are women.


Women who have fought for our freedoms and rights to better all aspects of our daily lives all over the world, will forever be remembered.

Who do you want to honor today?

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