Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

(FAQ  as a blog post)


1. Why are your prices so low?

There is the word gemstone written in Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry. Site visitors have been alarmed at the low prices thinking that items listed might not be genuine. 

Answer: To bring you the best prices that makes sense to a small family oriented business. Supplies have been bought in bulk and the savings have been passed over to you. We have choosen to stay within a price range that is comfortable to most shoppers. We try to keep things simple and efficient. 

Note: In all fairness to handmade sellers, please keep in mind that there are more investments that go into a product than just supplies.


2. Is your silver real silver?

Item listings, mostly earrings, are made with .925 sterling silver. Please read product descriptions carefully.


3. Will this tarnish?

Eventually yes, but such is the case with all jewelry fine; semi-precious; or costme jewelry. However, with proper care this chemical change can be prevented for longer lasting shine. For example, store your jewelry away from sunlight and avoid contact with water. Dry immediately when wet. 
Store delicate pieces separately. Lay flat or hang. Avoid long exposure to air. Store in zip lock baggies after removing as much air as possible. Anti-tarnish bags protect jewelry up to two years or more. Air tight containers or cloth pouches used with anti-tarnish strips or silica bags are good choices too. Leaving them in jewelry boxes that they were shipped in is not recommended. The reason for all this is that sulfur gases can cause the tarnish to occur at a faster rate. 
Occasionally polish your jewelry when not worn for a long time. Hannah suggests Selvty polishing cloth for silver. 


4. Do You Do Custom Orders?

Most certainly. Maybe you saw an item that has already been sold and wish to have a similar item made. Maybe you want to switch ear wires. Maybe you want to change the length of an item in stock. Maybe you have a completly new idea and was inspired by a bead or componet in a piece. Send an email and we will discuss your idea.


5. Do You Sell Online Only

Yes, Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry is mainly online.





Hannah’s Gemstone Jewelry aims for quality, as well as fast and secure shipping of your precious jewelry.