Our Favorite Mailer

Our Favorite Mailer


Our favorite way to save on shipping

We love Jiffylite® mailer envelopes for shipping your One-Of-A-Kind jewelry from Hannah’s Gemstone Jewelry. They are sturdy and light-weight so they save you (the customer) and us on the cost of shipping.  

Jiffylite® Features 

•    Cost Savings - Lightweight for postal savings
•    Excellent Protection - Seamless bottom affords additional cushioning protection along with greater overall strength and safety
•    Easy to Use - Convenient self-seal closure saves labor and eliminates the need for staples and tape, while forming a water-resistant, secure package
•    Versatile - Fully laminated kraft and air cellular construction provides outstanding stiffness and puncture resistance
•    Premium Appearance - Satin gold and white kraft exterior presents a quality image and makes an excellent surface for custom printing
•    Satin gold kraft made with 100% recycled content and 10% post consumer content and Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning made with minimum 15% recycled content
•    Sizes Offered - Available in 11 sizes. Special sizes - quotations upon request
(Resource: https://www.sealedair.com)

Read on to answer an important question for us.

Hannah’s Gemstone Jewelry aims for quality, as well as fast and secure shipping of your precious jewelry.

Question For You

Our stock will be running out soon. Do you have a color preference for shipping envelopes? Go to Hannah’s Gemstone Jewelry Facebook page and leave your answer in the comments under the status update to this blog post.
a.    The brown Kraft mailers
b.    White mailers

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