Sometimes You Need To Fail

To Fail Is to Become Better 


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I recently had to take a special exam. I failed the first exam and passed on the second chance. An incedent occured each time I took the exam...once on the first...twice on the second. They all happened in front of the two different examiners. I think I lost points for it on the first exam. It was strange beacause after it was all over, everything righted itself. 

We were all disappointed when I failed, including my instructor. I told my husband what happened, a week after I passed on the second chance. He said the words, "Sometimes you need to fail." That was an immediate "A Ha" moment. 

Keep climbing towards your goal

Keep climbing towards your goal.

Of course! Nobody likes to fail, But


  • Failiure shows us where we need to improve.


  • Failure gives us a moment to see our weaknesses and strengths.


  • Failure gives us a chance to reflect on the essence of who we are and see that we are not invinceble.


  • Failure gives us a chance to taste the sweetness of being humble.