The Three Charms

The Three Charms

Botswana agate - serentiy

Botswana Agate with Dark Aqua Blue Czech glass Bracelet.

Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry uses specific gemstones and agates with three things in common. These stones are known for radiating positive energies of Peace, Joy, and Tranquility; they make thoughtful gifts.

Historically speaking, these are happy stones that were once worn to attract positive energy and people.


Each one of us may have our own gemstone that works in harmony with us.


Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry started out with these stones and a few more at a later date:


Bamboo Agate

Black Agate

Black Onyx

Bostwana Agate


Green Aventurine

Moroccan Agate

Moss Agate


Red Agate

Red Bamboo Coral

Striped Agate


White Bamboo Coral

Bamboo agate with Czech glass

Gemstones that were added later:


Tiger Eye


Rainbow Fluorite

Natural gemstones are from nature so they are well grounded to the earth. They have been worn and used for centuries to connect us to positive energy and people in our surroundings. It is said that these stones help nurture positive thoughts and behavior, for example calmness, kindness, and self-awareness—they may be very good gems for women and girls.

Black onyx, Botswana agate

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