What is Gold Filled?

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Antiqued Golden Swirl Heart Charm Earrings by Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry

Gold filled is a good quality and affordable alternative to solid gold. I started working with 12K gold and 14K gold filled last year as a way of integrating good quality gold options into Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry - thinking about it...I did get a random phone call years back asking if I made 14K gold filled jewelry. I enjoyed working with gold filled, although as delicate as the wire gauge (size) looks...it's not as easy to manipulate as sterling silver...I could break a sweat bending and rounding all that wire...hoping not to mess it up and have to scrap any pieces (that's money down the drain).

red and black gold filled earrings by Hannahs Gemstone Jewelry

Red Black and Gold Filled Earrings made by Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry

So what is gold filled? Firstly it is not to be confused with silver plated. Gold is a very soft metal on its own. For jewelry making and jewelry wear a harder metal is needed, mainly brass. Basically, the gold is rolled over the brass and bonded to create a thick seamless seal so that only the gold is in contact with the skin. This method was designed to make gold jewelry more affordable. Gold filled is considered hypoallergenic or a safe alternative for metal allergies; this is why the woman in the random phone call (mentioned above) called me...she was allergic to certain metals, but found that this metal worked for her. The good news is that gold filled jewelry is more durable than gold plated; which has just one paper thin layer of gold that flakes off easily when scratched or bent. There are some gold plated materials that are better made than others...I still want to stay clear of them...I get that annoying metallic taste in my mouth. 

Black Onyx Luxe Earrings made by Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry

So then, what have we learned? Gold filled is a strong, long lasting, more tarnish and scratch resistant alternative option to solid gold, which makes it great for small and delicate jewelry designs.


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